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david smith.

27 years

68 million trees

56 thousand ha

With over 26 years’ experience in rural property assessment, planning and transactions, in particular within the Forestry, Agriculture, Mining and Renewable Energy sectors, David is best placed to transparently assist clients to identify and unlock true asset value, either for divestment or investment throughout these key agribusiness sectors. David has worked with key companies such as Rio Tinto, Willmott Forests, Virgin Forests, Ecofund Queensland and CBRE to name a few.



David maintains practical dialog throughout the international timberland industry and has himself been the architect for numerous large scale forestry projects involving the establishment and management logistics of over 68,000,000 trees.  He understands every aspect of the commercial value chain and has transacted the acquisition of over 300 properties throughout Australia equating to over 95,000 hectares (AUD$224 million) for the purpose of commercial plantation, industrial forest, biodiversity/carbon offset, dedicated biomass/biofuel and conservation.

David Smith

Qualified forester. Real Estate Agent VIC, TAS, QLD, NSW, WA. Business Broker. Stock & Station Agent

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