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Virgin Forests is a specialist forest contracting entity specifically set up to deliver a complete range of forestry-related services throughout the commercial value-chain

A worldwide focus on the commercial forestry sector over the last 30 years has resulted in Virgin Forests being the architect for 56,000 hectares of productive plantations throughout Australia. 



Virgin Forests is a specialist forest contracting entity specifically set up to deliver a complete range of forestry related services throughout the commercial value-chain including: Commercial Plantation Management, Planning/Regulatory Support, Nursery liaison, Establishment, Maintenance, Research and Development, Monitoring, Supervision, Harvesting, Market Negotiation and Logistics.


In addition to commercial plantation establishment of Pinus radiata, Eucalyptus globulous and Eucalyptus nitens, Virgin Forests has focused heavily upon assessment and development of known and alternative market opportunities to Australian legislated plantation expansion programs.


A worldwide focus on emerging renewable energy sector opportunities has resulted in Virgin Forests being the architect for a number of verified commercial projects including;


  • The ‘Carbon and Timber Production’ plantation model which can establish much needed ‘long rotation’ domestic focused commercial plantations in Australia’s premier plantation regions, whilst providing a select few of Australia’s largest carbon emitters an important efficient and economic carbon offset strategy, and.


  • Dedicated Renewable Biomass plantations established as a ‘carbon neutral’ fuel supply alternative to emerging international based biomass-fired renewable energy electricity plants or domestic based co-firing energy plants or pellet plants.

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what we do.

Our First-Hand Industry Experience:

• Transactions of over 300 properties throughout Australasia equating to over 95,000 hectares (234,745 acres) for the purpose of commercial plantation, industrial forest, biodiversity/carbon off set, dedicated biomass/biofuel, retention and conservation.

• Establishment and management logistics including; the planning, design, logistics and planting of over 68,000,000 trees (56,000 hectares or 138,400 acres) across numerous species types (hardwood and softwood), harvest and haulage throughout Australia.

• Negotiation of large scale, long term and commercial resource / wood supply agreements with Government and Institutional plantation management organisations (Australia and USA).

• Commercial Plantation Management

• Planning / Regulatory Support

• Nursery liaison

• Supervision

• Harvesting

• Establishment / Planting / Replanting 

• Maintenance 

• Market Negotiation

• Logistics

• Research and Development  

• Monitoring

what we do




James Wyatt

General Manager - Agribusiness Sales


P: +61 3 9417 5214
M: +61 415 284 264

David Smith



P: +61 3 9417 5214
M: +61 418 332 780

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